For the first time in history of radar and related industry in Iran and simultaneous with successes, developments, and great achievements of Iranian researchers and scientists in Iran and in foreign countries, it’s our pleasure to announce holding of the most prestigious workshop on radar and related industry in the Middle East with the attendance of outstanding international professors and the presence of distinguished experts and students. The goal of this gathering is to develop a framework to promote technical knowledge of radar industry staff for the brainstorming and cooperation among the experts of this growing industry.

on behalf of the Radar laboratory of Sharif university of Technology, IEEE Iran section, and IEEE student branch, it is our immense pleasure to invite you to join us in Tehran, Iran for the Iran Workshop on Radar Systems 2016 to be held during 29th February – 3rd march 2016.

<h3><b>Prof. M.M Nayebi</b></h3>

Prof. M.M Nayebi

Sharif University of Technology

Chair Note:

  The first Electronic Warfare conference and the first radar conference in Iran were held at the Electrical Engineering Department of Sharif University of Technology in 2009 and 2010, respectively. Since then, these conferences have been continued in some other Iranian universities with the goal of gathering researchers of the field exchange ideas.

The first international radar workshop in Iran entitled as “Iran Workshop on Radar systems” will be held at the Electrical engineering department of Sharif University with the presence of six well known radar professors. This event is considered to improve the prospect of Iran-developed countries relations and expected to enhance the Iranian radar community’s technical knowledge.

We are grateful for the generous keynote speakers, Prof. Rohling, Prof. Galati, Prof. Lukin, Dr. Brookner, and Dr. Averyanova for accepting our invitations.

IRWRS 2016 will be held on 4 consecutive days of 29th Feb.-3rd Mar., 2016 which includes the first attendance of such top international radar experts in Iran. Regarding the covering of subjects such as automotive radar, weather radar, and similar topics, we have chosen “radar for peace” as the slogan of IRWRS 2016.

Finally, I wish you all a very interesting and useful radar workshop and an enjoyable time here in Tehran.

Presenters and Keynote Speakers

<h3><b>Prof. Gaspare Galati</b></h3>

Prof. Gaspare Galati

Tor Vergata University of Rome

<h3><b>Prof. Hermann Rohling</b></h3>

Prof. Hermann Rohling

University of Hamburg

<h3><b>Prof. Konstantin Lukin</b></h3>

Prof. Konstantin Lukin

Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics NASU

<h3><b>Dr. Eli Brookner</b></h3>

Dr. Eli Brookner

IEEE distinguished lecturer

<h3><b>Dr. Yuliya Averyanova</b></h3>

Dr. Yuliya Averyanova

Kiev National Aviation University

Goals & Agendas

  • Familiarizing students with radar and radar-related subjects

  • Encouraging elite and perseverant students to work on this issue

  • Promoting scientific level of engineers with presence of well known radar professors

  • Developing a framework for communication, brainstorming, and cooperation among the scientists and entrepreneurs

  • Enhancing the Iranian radar community’s technical knowledge through Industrial sections of workshops from international radar experts


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Important Dates

Registration Date :
23th October – 20th January
Event Date :
29th February-3rd March

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